The biggest problem with pets? Their lives are too short.
But, they can live longer with your care and support.
“What’s the secret?” you ask, to extending their days.
Our Greenfield Veterinary Clinic team will tell you the ways.

It’s really quite simple, as you’ll see below.
Get the tips you need to stay in the know.
Establish healthy habits as soon as you can,
and add quality years to your pet’s lifespan.

Visit the veterinarian at least once a year
to catch any health issues before signs appear.
Your pet cannot tell you they’re feeling sick,
But, their prognosis improves when they get treatment quick.
We will examine your pet from nose to tail,
and track their weight after they step on the scale.
You can ask your vet questions and receive advice,
Since we’re here to help—and we promise, we’re nice.
Prevention is worth a pound of cure,
And it still is important if your pet is mature.
So, contact our team to set up a time
to ensure your pet’s health is still in its prime

Vaccinate your pet to protect them from disease.
It’s quick, beneficial, and really a breeze.
Rabies and distemper can cut your pet’s life short,
But we can prevent them, we’re happy to report.
We’ll help you decide which vaccines your pet needs,
depending on the lifestyle that your pet leads.
Up-to-date vaccinations protect your pet best,
So, make an appointment, and we’ll do the rest. 

Oral health is important—keep your pet’s teeth clean,
by developing a dental care at-home routine.
Periodontal disease affects many pets,
and oral health sometimes pet owners forget.
Brush your pet’s teeth daily to remove plaque and debris.
In addition to brushing, professional cleanings are key.
Use a pet-friendly and flavored toothpaste.
Brushing is easier when your pet likes the taste.
Oral hygiene keeps your pet healthy and free from pain,
and a dental care routine is easily maintained.

Keep your pet a healthy weight
to ensure they continue to feel great.
Overweight pets don’t live as long,
But, by keeping them fit, your pet’s life, you’ll prolong.
Obesity increases your pet’s risk of disease
and painful arthritis in their joints and knees.
Assess your pet’s body condition score,
Since a few extra pounds should not be ignored.
Determine the calories your pet needs for each meal.
Using a measuring cup to portion food is ideal.
Treats can add up, so cut back on these,
And give your pet healthier food, such as fresh broccoli.

It’s not only your pet’s diet that matters for weight.
Daily exercise leaves you—and your pet—feeling great.
Go for a walk, a hike, or a swim.
As long as they’re moving, your pet will stay trim.
If your pet is overweight,
don’t wait ’til it’s too late.
Contact our team, and we’ll help your pet.
With our weight-loss plan, your pet will be set. 

Protect your pet from parasitic pests
—fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are unwelcome guests.
These irritating creatures can transmit disease
and make your pet itch—especially fleas.
Give parasite preventives to your pet year-round
To ensure these pests will never be found.
Yearly heartworm testing is also key
To ensure your pet is parasite-free.
Try not to skip your pet’s monthly dose.
Consistent prevention will protect them the most.

Engage your pet’s body and also their mind,
To ensure physical and mental health are aligned.
Provide engaging toys and problems to solve,
To keep their mind sharp and strengthen resolve.
Help your pet master a new command.
You’ll be surprised by how much they understand.
Spend quality time with your pet every day,
Exercising, snuggling, or engaging in play.
Visit new places with your pet.
Introduce them to people they haven’t met.
Ensure that your pet lives a life that feels good,
by doing the things you know that you should. 

Simple everyday actions can mean many more years
To spend with your pet, and explore new frontiers.
So, make a commitment, and take these steps now.
If you need help getting started, we’ll show you how.
Contact Greenfield Veterinary Clinic, for quality care.
Whatever your pet needs, our team will be there.