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How to Protect Your Pet’s Dental Health

To maintain your pet’s health, you provide them with an appropriate nutritious diet, adequate physical exercise, and regular veterinary visits. While these are essential for your pet’s long-term well-being, remember that your furry pal’s oral health is equally important. Like people, pets need proper dental care to prevent issues, such as tartar buildup, gum disease, [...]

Cracking the Nutritional Code: How to Read a Pet Food Label

Unfortunately, pet food labels and their nutrition facts are not as useful and easy to understand as they are for human foods, but they still provide important information for evaluating your pet’s diet. By learning how to evaluate a diet based on the label information—and by contacting the manufacturer, if needed—you can choose a well-balanced [...]

Jack’s Wintery Week: A Cold-Weather Pet Safety Tale

Hi! My name’s Jack, and I’m a miniature schnauzer living right here in beautiful Greenfield, Wisconsin, with my human, Sarah. What a week I’ve had! It’s been so strange, I just had to share my story with you. (Thanks to the great folks at Greenfield Veterinary Clinic for letting me contribute to their blog!)  This [...]

Is Pet Health Insurance Right for My Pet?

Cats and dogs find themselves in all sorts of situations that require veterinary care, whether they go through the trash can or develop chronic skin allergies. In some cases, your pet may suffer from more serious illnesses, such as a fractured leg or cancer. When your furry pal requires veterinary care, no matter the reason, [...]

Considerations for Finding the Right Family Pet

Pets can add companionship, love, and laughter to a family and fill a void. But, to ensure a successful and mutually beneficial relationship, would-be pet owners must carefully consider the family’s needs, resources, and desires, and those of the prospective pet. Here are eight important considerations for a family trying to determine which pet will [...]

7 Things Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About Zoonotic Diseases

A “zoonotic disease” may make you think of something you can get from wildlife, but the term actually refers to a disease you can get from any animal, including your pet. Read on to learn about zoonotic disease transmission, and how you can prevent your furry pal from sharing illnesses. #1: Your pet’s mouth isn’t [...]

Safe Holiday Treats to Share with Your Pet

While you love spoiling your pet year-round, the holiday season is a time of sharing with friends and family, four-legged members included. During the holiday festivities, you may be tempted to spoil your pet more than usual with food, their favorite thing. Unfortunately, many holiday dishes are not safe for pets to enjoy and can [...]

Pet Photos with Santa Event on Saturday

Please join us for Pet Photos with Santa this Saturday, December 16th from 1 pm to 4pm! This fun, annual event is free for our clients and includes one professionally taken digital image. Registration is required, so please call us to register at 414-282-5230. We look forward to seeing you there! [...]

Respiratory Infections in Cats

In addition to dental disease, urinary issues, and obesity, respiratory infections commonly affect cats. Although a person’s cold is similar to a cat’s respiratory infection, this feline condition can linger, and the affected cat can become a permanent carrier, with their signs flaring up in times of stress or illness. Read our Greenfield Veterinary Clinic [...]

How to Care for Your Senior Pet’s Body, Mind, and Spirit

Growing old is just as difficult for pets as it is for people. Because your furry pal doesn’t understand the aging process and what is happening to their body and mind, their spirit may take a beating, diminishing their quality of life. Fortunately, you have myriad options for supporting your senior pet’s body, mind, and [...]

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