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2012, 2023

Safe Holiday Treats to Share with Your Pet

While you love spoiling your pet year-round, the holiday season is a time of sharing with friends and family, four-legged members included. During the holiday festivities, you may be tempted to spoil your pet more than usual with food, their favorite thing. Unfortunately, many holiday dishes are not safe for pets to enjoy and can lead to gastrointestinal (GI) upset, [...]

1412, 2023

Pet Photos with Santa Event on Saturday

Please join us for Pet Photos with Santa this Saturday, December 16th from 1 pm to 4pm! This fun, annual event is free for our clients and includes one professionally taken digital image. Registration is required, so please call us to register at 414-282-5230. We look forward to seeing you there!

1412, 2023

Respiratory Infections in Cats

In addition to dental disease, urinary issues, and obesity, respiratory infections commonly affect cats. Although a person’s cold is similar to a cat’s respiratory infection, this feline condition can linger, and the affected cat can become a permanent carrier, with their signs flaring up in times of stress or illness. Read our Greenfield Veterinary Clinic team’s in-depth guide to feline [...]

912, 2023

How to Care for Your Senior Pet’s Body, Mind, and Spirit

Growing old is just as difficult for pets as it is for people. Because your furry pal doesn’t understand the aging process and what is happening to their body and mind, their spirit may take a beating, diminishing their quality of life. Fortunately, you have myriad options for supporting your senior pet’s body, mind, and spirit to help them age [...]

412, 2023

7 Common Eye Conditions in Pets

Your pet’s eyes are complex and unique organs that work with their brain to detect light and create images. Innumerable potential problems can plague the eyes, causing vision issues. Some of these problems occur far more frequently than others and are common reasons for dogs and cats to visit our Greenfield Veterinary Clinic for care. Learn how to identify ocular [...]

2911, 2023

Arthritis in Aging Cats: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a cat older than 12 years of age, chances are high they are sleeping more and slowing down. While becoming less playful is normal with age, your cat’s sedentary behavior could actually indicate they are experiencing pain. Recent studies show that feline arthritis is far more common than previously recognized and can diminish an aging cat’s quality [...]

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